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Sri Goswaami Tulsikrit Ramayana (Sanjeevani Tika sahita)Translated in Hindi By Pt. Jwalaprasadji Mishra

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Including Lava Kusha Kaanda. With commentary in Hindi named "Sanjeevanee" by late Vidyaavaaridhi Pt. Jwaalaaprasaadajee Mishra. Contains meanings of entire Kshpaka, greatness, biography of Tulaseedaasajee, Goodhaartha (abstruse meanings), authenticable clarification of all doubts, time table of Raamavanavaasaand appendix and also pictures of Hanumanajee and tree of Sooryavansha and multicolor pictures on art paper. Printed in big type on glazed paper, total 1352 pages bound in big 13.5" X 9.5" size, with corrugated box packing.
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